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Author: Keith Giemre
Pages: 76
Publisher: Reach Publishers
Publication Date: 2014
“When I started to write this, my third book, I realised that my life and life on earth were all works in progress. Each time I sat down to write a book about my experiences and beliefs, I was a different person – my knowledge and understanding of my life and life around me had changed.” Author, Keith Giemre

The Game of Life is a game of choices and consequences. But every choice and consequence is meant to happen to further the game of life. So this book encourages you to not only accept yourself for being the way you are, but you must also accept all of life for being the way it is – the so-called good and bad things.

Each one of us represent one piece of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, where every piece is required to complete the picture. No matter how insignificant you might believe your life is, God will search for you until the puzzle is complete.

So, if you want a thought-provoking book to read, this is the book for you!