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Kindle Preview

Author: Keith Giemre
Pages: 144
Publisher: Keith Giemre
Publication Date: 2018
This book was not planned in advance by the author: He woke up one morning in the first week of August 2017 with the contents and name of the book firmly entrenched in his thoughts. He then began his search for the Bible chapters that were required, and found that he had over the years made a note of close on 400 chapters. He listed these out three per line over four full pages and then randomly mixed three per page for the purposes of the book.

This book is the eighth book written by the author, and is still along the theme of body, mind and soul, but is particularly aimed to provide fruit for the spiritual body. Each of us is a unique person and at a different level of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual evolvement. So the book will appeal to all who wish to read God’s word.

The author continually in his books refers to the fact that scripture is a moving word, and that each time we read it, we ourselves are not the same person reading it. This means that the book can be read time and time again.

This is a fascinating capture of chapters of the Bible most often referred to, although it does not cover every chapter of the whole Bible. You will also find that as a result of popularity, some chapters are repeated a number of times.

You are sure to find this book both enjoyable and special.