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Kindle Preview

Author: Keith Giemre
Pages: 166
Publisher: Keith Giemre
Publication Date: 2018
This book, New Daily Inspirational Messages from the Heart, follows on from the first book of messages published covering the year 2016. The theme of the book is again the body, mind and soul genre. It covers happenings on the earth, day-to-day living experiences, as well as television programme reviews and spiritual and religious discussions and beliefs. These messages were first carried on the author’s Facebook page – lifeunpacked, which is an apt title for this collection of daily messages.

The aim of the book is to give the readers an in-depth unpacking of sometimes controversial topics, with reference at times to the author’s own beliefs. He adopts the belief that what you resist, persists, and what you embrace, you overcome. He also believes that the key to all understanding is to accept everything as it is, and then to choose to perceive it in the mind and feel it in the heart as divine. His messages clearly portray this thinking.

The book is presented as a daily read with individual messages each day; some may also be continued for days before being wrapped up. Again the beauty of this book, is that you can start reading at any time during the year and just follow on with the days you missed at the end of the year to complete the full 365 cycle of messages.

Once again, as with all the other books written by this author, you will need to expand your thinking to get into his mindset. He does not hide the fact that he is in regular contact with the spiritual realm. A most enjoyable read, and whether or not you agree with all his messages, you will be sure to find many inspirational ones.