About my Books:

I developed a rhythm to my writing and although this is not a career I ever envisioned for myself, I am loving it! I am now being guided by the Holy Spirit regarding the material in my book, and I enjoy the revelations that I am experiencing on almost a daily basis. It is my pleasure to share these insights with you.

I am ably assisted by my cats, Imo and Pandi, who like to keep me company when I write – often sitting directly on my keyboard or snuggling up against the back of my laptop.

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Recalling the Word

What’s on your mind, and what does the Bible have to say about it? Keith Giemre sets out to provide fruit for the spiritual body, as he captures in a word the essence of Bible chapters most often referred to.

New Daily Inspirational Messages from the Heart

This timeless commentary on life is a collation of the daily thoughts shared by Keith on his Facebook page, Lifeunpacked, during 2017.

Keith Giemre

Spiritual Explorer & Author