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My Inspirational thoughts…
Mostly, my thoughts go into my books. I sit with them for a day or two, mulling over them, and then they are expressed in written form which gives me opportunity to work with and test them.

Living on my own as I have done since my wife died 18 months ago – albeit with my two cats for company – my writing has become a Sacred Practice. I share it with my family and those close to me, and since you are here now I am delighted to share with you, too.

Some of my posts are my own thoughts, some may be interesting pieces I found elsewhere and would like to share, and some may be the work of guest contributors. Other posts may be actual extracts from my books.

I am listening..

Always, I am interested in engaging with you. Please do submit a comment in the block below each post.
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Keith Giemre

Spiritual Explorer & Author