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Kindle Preview

Author: Keith Giemre
Pages: 154
Publisher: Reach Publishers
Publication Date: 2017
The previous book “It Just Is” concluded with a paragraph which said that you could only view a tiny piece of life’s puzzle in this life, and that we should all stop trying to understand our life, because “It Just Is” and it is also divine, and we should all view and trust that it is divine.
This book – “Daily Inspirational Messages from the Heart” – follows on from that sentiment. The present day should be read, before proceeding to the next day. The beauty of this approach is that you can start reading this book at any time during a year and just follow on with the days you missed at the end of the year to complete the full 365/6 cycle of messages.
The theme of the book follows a body, mind and soul genre, together with inserts of the awareness of happenings on earth and in the television programme field. The book again highlights the author’s ability to simplify the unpacking of many spiritual and daily events.
A useful book to expand your thinking.