Keith Giemre

Spiritual Explorer & Author

Keith Giemre

Spiritual Explorer & Author


Welcome to my website! This is about my books, my thoughts and my Iife. I invite you to explore further to get to know me a little better.


An out of body experience at age 12 made me realise that all is not as it seems, but only much later did I really sit down to think about my life and what it all means…


Moment by moment, we create our lives. Some of my posts are excerpts from my books, others are my  thoughts on daily matters arising.

Keith’s books are aimed at adults who have begun to question the mysteries of life

The books record the evolvement of Keith’s own body, mind and soul, taking the reader from the out of body experience of a small boy, through 60 years of research into the familiar questions: Who are we? Why are we living on earth? What happens to us when our earth body dies? And what happens to our soul after the earth death?
Keith shares his personal journey through these questions in his insightful BOOK SERIES.


I and my Father are ONE

by Keith Giemre

Keith’s latest book, I and my Father are One, in addition to examining certain Bible chapters, delves more deeply into author, Keith Giemre’s interactions with the Holy Spirit, including his anointing with oil in October 2017.

This book includes details of an amazing experience concerning a spiritual detour on the way to Australia in 2017; as well as the author’s experience of winning a lottery jackpot together with the events that gave rise to the win; and how he arrived at a communication method with the Holy Spirit. It also continues to highlight the many ongoing synchronicities in his daily life.

Published books

All of my books are available in paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon.

Unpacking Life is both Keith’s prime area of interest and the title of his first book. Our life lessons may be similar, but how we learn them is different. How can Keith’s experiences help you?

Keith writes a daily ‘thought” on his Facebook Page, Lifeunpacked, which is updated here in real time or can be read directly on Facebook.

Keith Giemre

Spiritual Explorer & Author